Safety and health for your loved ones
Safety and health for you and your loved ones in your pocket
Don't settle for "oh, i'm doing just fine," take charge of it.

View actual health status and progress of loved ones from one app. See their health trends, get alerts and insights on how they've been doing and progressing.

It's never been easier to be there when your loved ones truly need you.

It's easy to stay on top of your loved ones' health

Get your loved one connected devices like an Apple Watch, weight scale, blood pressure, glucose monitor that work with Apple Health App.

Click here to see list of some compatible devices.


Install the Doctella app on their phone and share their data with yourself


Done! Start monitoring your loved one's progress, health trends, alerts, status and insights

Get doctors, family, and friends in the game

Studies show that patients who involve those around them do better.

Whether your loved one has an illness, they are undergoing a procedure, or they just are being more conscientious of their health, securely share their progress with doctors, caregivers and loved ones around them.

You Own the Data. Private and Secure.
Doctella's patent-pending, medical grade security is trusted by hospitals and health systems. All of your data is encrypted and stored securely. YOU have ownership and YOU can revoke access anytime.
Securely share and give permission to doctors and/or loved ones to see your health progress and information.
Created by leading health experts who want to help their patients get well and stay well. The simple secret to staying healthy is continuous monitoring to maintain healthy daily habits.
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