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Doctella is an easy-to-use interactive tool that lets you take a more active role in your healthcare and helps to improve your communication with your physicians.

Access your care information easily on your smart phone or home computer. Securely share information with family, caregivers and even your other physicians.

Doctella puts you in control and can greatly improve your overall care quality and experience through better interaction with your physicians.

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How Doctella Works for You
Engaged Patients Get Better Care

When you are fully informed about your care and know how and why to follow the plan your doctor provides you, your care outcome improves. So does your satisfaction with your care. That's what Doctella is all about.

Doctella helps make the communication between you and your physician better. You have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers - even when you aren't at the doctor's office.

And your doctor has the ability to monitor your progress more closely to make sure everything is on track.

Best of all, it makes it easy to ensure you are an active knowledgeable participant in your own care.

SEARCH DOCTELLA NOW and get a list of questions for your condition or surgical procedure that you can ask your doctor.

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What Patients Are Saying
50 year old husband helping wife: “This tool is great, just genius. Will definitely be using this throughout my wife’s care. Will particularly be useful to me after surgery when I need to care for my wife. [Doctella] will not only aid her through the process of being engaged, but me as a future caregiver as well. Thanks so much for showing us this!”
40 year old daughter helping parents: ” This is an extremely valuable resource for those looking to have larger roles in the conversation with their doctor. I have to show this to my parents, it will be a huge help in helping them prepare for their upcoming doctors visits.”
50 year old male patient: “After recently having surgery, this app provides great information and insight into my well-being as I recover. I will definitely be using the app the next few week as I recover at home from my surgery. After all my research online there are still answers to questions and instructions here that I have never come across, thanks!”
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Download the Doctella app today and encourage your physician to become a Doctella doctor! You can search for health conditions that you may have and download a list of questions to ask your doctor about your care.

Become an active participant in your healthcare with Doctella.