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Getting started with Doctella is easy and intuitive for both you and your patients. Take any of our hundreds of Smartlists and customize them to make it unique to your practice. Create your own care pathways adding your own content or select from our available library of health education materials and videos. Once you make your Smartlist yours, you can use hundreds of times.

You will be impressed with how much Doctella helps to simplify and improve care instructions and patient education and so will your patients.

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Begin using our Pioneer Smartlists today. You can make a copy of our Smartlist templates and then easily customize them for your practice and see how they can help you better manage patient care and improve outcomes. Choose from some of our most popular Smartlist templates below that you can begin using right now. It's easy, intuitive and takes just a few minutes. Once you have your Smartlist ready, you can begin sharing with your patients right away and you can both experience the benefits of Doctella.
Nurses, Patient Administrators and Office Staff -
You can create Smartlists, too. See for yourself how easy Doctella is to use and how it can simplify providing information and instructions to patients, reduce unnecessary calls and improve patient satisfaction with their care.
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Physicians throughout the country are discovering how Doctella can help their practice and their patients. Now is your opportunity to join them as a Doctella Pioneer provider.

Use Doctella with your EMR - or as a stand alone platform

Doctella is both powerful and versatile.

The Smartlists and care paths you set up can be proscribed from your EMR workflow and recorded in your EMR as well. Or you can simply use Doctella as as a stand alone platform that can work along side your EMR product with no integration needed.

Either way, Doctella delivers the solution you need to improve engagement, communication and care outcomes.

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Discover how other physicians are using Doctella and share your own success stories with the Doctella physician community. This shared knowledge base approach helps us to constantly update and improve the platform and helps you learn what works best from the practical experience of your peers.

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