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    Innovation centers, departments, payer projects

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We are committed to helping our customers deliver value based care. We share risk with our customers by offering a value based pricing model. Providers, Payers and Pharmas only want to pay for patient activity data. For this reason we only bill customers for Active Patients. An Active Patient is a user that accepts the providers’ invitation to use a CareProgram via email or SMS, then logs into the system and then uses a CareProgram so their data is captured.
Package Fremium Innovators Enterprise Leaders
Use Case Researchers or clinicians testing a concept, curious users Innovation centers, departments, payer projects Hospitals, Systems, Health plans
One time cost for expert consulting and set up $0
support only available online via community forum
includes up to 40 hours of expert workflow consulting, content edits, site customization
Call for price. Based on number of hours needed
Branding Add custom logo on Dedicated site, logo on web, and invitations Dedicated site, customized email and SMS invitations and apps
Cost of Active Patients $0 $10
per active patient / year
Call for volume discount and lump sum annual pricing
Max. number of Active patient user license 25
call us if you need more
Limited based on use case Unlimited
CPT code billing reports no no yes
Design Studio yes yes yes
iOS CareKit and Android native Apps yes yes yes
HealthKit and GoogleFit integration yes yes yes
Medical grade sensor integration no no yes
Requires professional services
Customizable Dashboards yes yes yes
Business Associate Agreement for HIPAA yes, online only yes yes
Population Analytics no yes yes
Simple pathways no all all
Complex pathways no yes yes
EHR integration no call for price call for price
Premium Content (e.g. Staywell Krames, Paid CarePrograms) no call for price call for price