Send Your Patients an Interactive, Customized Care Plan – at the Touch of a Button

Introducing Doctella - the innovative, interactive patient engagement platform

As a health-care provider, your time with each patient has been limited – until now. With Doctella’s new interactive platform, you can effectively engage your patients with secure, customized content you control.

Monitor patient understanding and compliance more easily than ever before. This valuable interaction can help reduce surgery cancellations, complications, and readmissions while improving patient outcomes.

Doctella’s Customized Smartlists Help Patients Follow Your Care Plan

Doctella is unique among EMR tools because it leverages powerful “Smartlists” to engage patients. There are hundreds of existing Smartlists built into the platform for a variety of conditions and procedures. They can easily be customized to meet your patients needs.

The Smartlist approach helps patients to actively participate in their own care plan and encourages shared decision-making.

  • Smartlists are based on the quality and safety checklist research of Dr. Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD of Johns Hopkins Medicine, who showed checklists could reduce rates of infection and death in hospitals.
  • Doctella’s Smartlists are checklists with interactive communication. You or your office can see when a patient completes a task, so you can easily monitor to ensure your patient stays on track.
  • Smartlists can be effectively used by patients throughout the entire continuum of care – from meeting you to the first time to their follow-up care.
Patients Can Get Instructions from All Their Providers in One Cohesive, Easily Followed Stream
  • You can create, manage, update and customize content and care information.
  • Instructions from the patient’s other providers - from specialists to allied health professionals (e.g. physical therapists) - are consolidated into one cohesive stream.
  • In the event two orders contradict each other, the patient is notified and advised what to do.
Doctella Integrates Seamlessly with Your Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Doctella's Smartlist-driven platform is easy for both patients and your staff to learn and use. In many cases Doctella can integrate with your EHR, so you can enjoy all the benefits of enhanced communication with your patients with minimal effort or disruption to your workflow.

EHR Integration Options:

SMART on FHIR compliant EHR: Doctella is tested and fully compliant with SMART on FHIR standards (current) and APIs. Our platform is entirely compatible with SMART on FHIR compliant EHR systems that support FHIR patient, condition, care plan and medication end points. Most of the leading EHR systems like Cerner, EPIC, and Allscripts are either SMART on FHIR compliant or in the process of adopting this paradigm.

EPIC Video Ordering: Doctella Smartlists can easily be prescribed from within EPIC using the video ordering interface. Health Systems can easily prescribe Smartlists with a bundle of customized videos, reminders, education and Q&A with one click. The system will write back to the patient's record when the patient has completed the Smartlist.

Infobutton: Doctella Smartlists can be accessed as a Infobutton Knowledge Resource. This allows clinicians to launch Smartlists from within the EHR and send Smartlists to patients within the clinical workflow.

Doctella is Your Comprehensive, Interactive Patient Engagement Platform

The EHR is the central record of care and billing for a health system and supports providers and their administrative staff. Unfortunately the EHR was never designed for patients- which explains why "Patient Portals" to the EHR are so poorly used. Patients, need a similar compendium of information and instructions, that is built for their needs.

Our patient based research shows that patients prefer a single account to manage multiple portal login links, obtain clear instructions for care, find quality educational materials for their condition or procedure, and receive care reminders. Patients also want to use the same platform for surveys, and forms they receive from multiple providers, systems and sources. Without a singular platform, the patient is left to manage these many overwhelming tasks on their own and their care is often impacted.

Now there is a solution- with Doctella. Doctella provides a central location for patients that seamlessly integrates with EHRs. You can use the platform in a variety of key ways to improve the patient’s overall experience and outcome. With Doctella, you can:

Co-founder Dr. Peter Pronovost talks about the Doctella platform

Read Our White Paper: The Power of a Platform to Propel Patient Engagement

Provide Your Patients the Customized Content of Your Choice

You know what you want to communicate to your patients – if you only had the time. Now you can quickly and easily set up Doctella to deliver this content to your patients automatically via their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Choose from a great variety of patient education:

  • Doctella’s Customized Smartlists, Instructions, and Content
  • Your Own Patient Education from Your Office or Network
  • The Extensive Krames Library of over 2,500 titles and videos

Doctella provides content based on established protocols, to save you time and help you get started quickly and easily. But you have full control to customize content and make revisions as you see fit.

Monitor Your Patients More Closely Than Ever Before

No EHR provides such easy patient monitoring.

A simple green light or red light shows your care coordinators whether your patients are following your plan, so they can decide when a follow-up is needed.

Doctella’s Engage component provides clinicians the ability to create alerts and reminders to guide patients through pre-treatment preparation and post-treatment care.

Doctella supports the value-based reimbursement model. Patient engagement and compliance can directly impact patient ratings for quality of care, patient experience, and your overall rating.

Patients Can Share Content Securely with Family and Caregivers

Doctella believes that patients should own their data and have full control to share and more importantly revoke data access.

To achieve this goal Doctella has created a new patient-centered security architecture called PCSEC. This architecture keeps patients at the center by giving them the keys to their personal health information that they generate and receive.

This architecture makes Doctella fully secure and HIPAA compliant. It also takes the administrative burden and compliance risk out of the provider's hands when it comes to sharing information with family and caregivers as the patient decides with whom to share their information - not the doctor.

Below is the story behind Doctella's Security architecture. Learn the details by contacting us.

CEO Amer Haider Discusses Doctella's Next Generation Patient-Centered Security

Doctella Can Improve Patient Outcomes – and Reduce Your Costs

When patients aren’t informed or engaged, outcomes can decline while your costs go up. Patients who aren’t properly prepared for surgery may require a last-minute cancellation.

Those who don’t follow your care plan may suffer complications that require an ED visits or readmission. In the confusion, patients will likely call your office more frequently, using valuable resources.

With Doctella, the entire dynamic is changed. Just look at these promising early outcomes:

in same-day surgery cancellations in ED visits and readmissions in phone calls to physician practice
For a limited time, become a
Be one of the first to offer your patients this powerful interactive platform

Doctella Pioneers are among the first Doctella Doctors, who are leading a movement towards a higher standard of patient-centered care. We believe educating, engaging, and partnering with our patients will improve outcomes. We also know engaged patients lead to more efficient offices, less cancellations, and increased patient satisfaction.

Doctella Pioneers can use Smartlists to provide customized answers to common questions about surgery and procedures. Built-in mobile alerts help patients and their families know what to do, and why, throughout treatment. We want to make sure patients are never left guessing, waiting for a phone call, or relying on generic advice on the Internet.

Try it for Free

Doctella has hundreds of Smartlists ready and waiting for you to use - absolutely free. You can easily customize these lists to fit your practice protocols and the needs of your patients. Join today and see for yourself how easy it is to use and customize Smartlists to improve not only the engagement of your patients but the outcomes as well.

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Discover Doctella’s Research Opportunities

We’re confident in Doctella’s ability to transform the provider-patient relationship. Currently, we’re actively providing research opportunities to show how Doctella can improve patient care and enhance the patient experience.

We’re measuring qualitative outcomes such as patient surveys as well as quantitative outcomes such as case conversions, readmissions, and rates of surgical site infections. Doctella also contains internal measures on patient adherence to doctor instructions.

Email us to learn more about the research opportunities available to Doctella doctors.